Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Friendship is not a game to play
It is not a word to say
It doesn't start on March and ends on May
It is tomorrow, yesterday, today and everyday...

True friends are like mornings
You can't have them the whole day
But you can be sure
They will be there when you wake up tomorrow
Next year and forever...

Its not an achievement to make 1000's friends in a year
But an achievement is when you make a friend for 1000's years...

As long as we have memories, yesterday remains
As long as we have hope, tomorrow awaits
As long as we have friendship, each day is never a waste...

Make a heart which never breaks
Make a smile which never hurts
Make a touch which never pains
Make a friendship which never ends...

Be slow in choosing a friend & slower while loosing them
because friendship is not an opportunity
Its a sweet responsibility...

Sacrifice is greater than Love
Character is greater than Beauty
Humanity is greater than Wealth
But nothing is greater than Friendship...

Friendship is a network that needs:
no recharge!, no roaming!
no validity!, no activation!
no signal problems!
Just don't switch off your Heart...

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